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...oh God why are we even letting a kitten behind the wheel? D:

This is a roleplaying journal for the character Nyanpire from the anime series Nyanpire the Animation. It's maintained by [personal profile] lampdevil. If you've got any thoughts or criticisms as to how I'm playing this character, lay it on me! Anonymous commenting is on, comments will be screened, so go ahead and lay that honesty on me!

If you need to contact me directly, send me a PM or bug me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] lampdevil!
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Nyanpire's home is at 1211 Banana Bread Drive.

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Residence - 1649 Albright Lane

Regains - His vampirism (Thread here)
His favorite ball of yarn
Misaki's change purse

Nyanpire's Mayfield app can be found here.



Backtagging: YES - I have no problem picking something up that's a bit old. :)
Threadhopping: YES - So long as it's not private or anything? Try and make sure anyone else in the thread is cool with it.
Fourthwalling: YES - I don't think Nyanpire's quite astute enough to get what it would mean.
Offensive Subjects: YES - I may be playing a kitten, but I'm no pushover.


Flirting: YES - Although he'll just be puzzled.
Hugging: YES - Hugs and snuggles are great!
Kissing: YES - Although he'll just be EVEN MORE puzzled.
Fighting: YES - He's a tough scary vampire! He'll scratch you!
Injuring: YES - Tough! So tough! He'll just go home and lick his wounds!
Killing: YES - I'd like to discuss it first, though.
Mind Reading: YES - He's a simple little kitty. Not much in there to read, but it's readable.
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[Action A | 1649 Albright Lane, morning]

[After a lovely breakfast of crunchy toast with strawberry jam, Nyanpire has gone out to get the mail. He's being helpful! It's good to be helpful! He hums to himself, mouth full of letters, and slips back inside to spit them out on the living room coffee table.]


[But wait! There's a letter in there that's for him. It has big, bold, red letters on it, with his name! He plucks it from the pile, and takes a few moments to blink at it curiously.]

For meow?

[Better see what it is! He slits it open with one sharp little claw, and taps out a small card. A card with three pictures on it, side by side. Fangs. Wings. A cross.

An instant later, the lights in the room dim and an ominous organ chord sounds from nowhere. It lasts but a second, before all returns to normal. And there stands Nyanpire, fangs in his mouth, wings on his back, and cross on his belly.]

Nyaa! I'm Nyanpire again! I am! I am! YAY!!!

[Action B | Around Town, all day]

[The Nyanpire hungers for blood. Anyone's blood. Everyone's blood. Possibly your blood? Today he is stalking all over town, looking to sate that unholy hunger.

Do you have a cut on your finger? A skinned knee? Do you just look particularly delicious and susceptible to kittenish cuteness? Then have yourself a wide-eyed kitten following you around, looking really, really hungry. And occasionally making the following entitled declaration:]

I want blood, nyaa! Gimme blood!
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[Action A - Morning, 1649 Albright Lane]

[It started off so simple, in such little ways. When Nyanpire woke up, he had outgrown the pillow he had been sleeping on. He was big enough that his behind was hanging off. How odd.

When breakfast came, he was large enough to sit in a chair in the kitchen and eat off a plate. That was fun!

When he realized that he soon wouldn't be able to get out the door and outside, he asked to be let out. And the rest of his growing is being done on the front lawn, for all and sundry to see.]

Nyaa! That's big enough! That's big enough! Too big! Too big!

[Action B - All Day, All Over Mayfield]

[Nyanpire has come to terms with "too big". Because it's FUN to be so big! Trees make great toys to bat at! Drones are fun to chase, even if he's behaving himself and not catching them! And everyone can't help but notice him, when he's his large!]

Big-piiii-re♪, big, big, Biiiig-pire♪.... Big, big kitty-kitty♪, nyaa!

[Mayfield is THE BEST.]
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[Action A, Morning, 1649 Albright Lane]

[It's a new day in Mayfield. The sun is shining, the Milkman is delivering, and out in the front yard of 1649 Albright Lane, a vampire kitten is waking up in a dog house.

And the kitten is immediately confused and displeased with this. And it has nothing to do with the sunshine.]


[Nyanpire tugs at the collar around his neck, frowning sleepily. "Snowball"? Who's that? Not him, that's for sure. Misaki would never put him in a dog house or put a collar on him or...]



[He bolts out into the yard, panic building further.]

Misaki?! Nyaaaa, where are you?! Where is this?! Chachamaru?! Masamunya?! Nyatenshi?!



[He proceeds to flip out, running in circles, tearing at grass, and scratching madly at the front door.]

[Action B, around town]

[Having worked the panic out of his system, Nyanpire is now exploring his new surroundings. He'll be romping through the neighborhoods, peeking in windows, peering through shop doors... perhaps you'll run into this curious little kitten as he goes about on his adventure of discovery.]


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